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Driver ID

The GOTRACK Driver ID kit comprises of a Dallas Key (below left) and a Dallas Key Reader (below right) The driver simply presents their key to the reader to validate.
driver ID key Driver Id
Driver Dallas Key and key reader
The driver keys can be programmed with the driver ID along with a number of options including fleet code, cost per hour and permitted vehicle use. It is also possible to immobilise a vehicle in the event that the driver ID presented is invalid or not authorised to start a particular vehicle. The Dallas Key reader can read any number of pre-set keys. Additional keys are available.
Driver Reporting
GOTRACK offer a range of reporting regarding driver activity. These include:
Driver Listing
This report lists all drivers within the selected driver group. In addition the Key Code and Identity Numbers are listed to for referencing.
Driver Activity Summary
This report ranks all drivers within the selected driver group based on the total amount of time the driver has been driving which includes the No. of Trips completed and the total No. of days that vehicles were utilised. In addition, the Total Trip Distance, No. Of Exceptions and the Total No. of Unique Vehicles used are listed for referencing.
Driver Event
This report details a chronological record of events for the selected driver over the date range selected. Information in this report includes the Event Description, Event Location, Vehicle Description and Registration with coordinates grouped by day. Optionally the report can be further filtered to show only a specific group of events.
Driver Trip Detail
This report details all events that have been recorded within a trip for the selected driver. For each trip the Start-up and Shutdown Times, Distance, Duration and Vehicle is listed. A chronological log of events that occurred within the trip as well as the location of each event is listed.
Driver Rating Summary
This report contains the driver rating score for all drivers within the selected driver group. Additional information such as the No. of trips, Total Trip distance and Total Duration are indicated.
Driver Rating Trend
This report contains the ratings for all drivers within the selected driver group over three consecutive periods. The report is indicates if driver ratings are improving or deteriorating when comparing the information with the previous periods generated. Trends indicating up are down quickly identifies improving or deteriorating performances by drivers.
POI Analysis Driver per Place
This report lists all drivers within the selected driver group along with its Driver Key Code. The report identifies the Total No. of visits and Total Duration by a driver against a particular POI (Place of Interest such as customer sites, depot and more).
Driver Rating
This report calculates the performance of particular driver based on the exception events that he/she has generated. The report contains a summary of violations rated against his/her selected Driver Rating Profile to obtain a final score.
Driver ID Kit $199 Inc GST Additional Keys $15.00 Inc GST
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